HowZinga One More Move Foot Yoga - Two feet crossed together Photo found on and was taken by -Soon Ngu

One More Move: Foot Yoga



A balanced body is a productive mind. Ground yourself today by pampering one of our heavily used (or not) body parts the foot. Built as a natural representation of balance our feet hold us up steady and when taken care of can move us forward to destinations hosted at the furthest reach of our overall vision.

For One More Move, care for your feet and open yourself up to a deeper feeling of being balanced, grounded, and overall more healthy. Here’s an excellent yoga video made specifically for caring for your feet.

Note* (Updated from One Move Monday on 12-19-15)

One Move Monday: Morning Pages

Free thinking is a powerful form of organizing our thoughts and relieving stress when it comes to managing our businesses. Writing, drawing, and mind mapping all take part in helping us go from the “think” stage to the growth stage. For your One Move this week, take 3 minutes or 3 pages to write as much as possible. The 3-page move actually refers to the idea of keeping morning pages.morning pages - good morning - writing for success
No need to review what you right, that’s a move for another week. For now humble in the fact that your mind can churn out as much as you allow it too.

photo credit: welcome to your day via photopin (license)