Ever envision a life beyond your wildest dreams?

You are probably a success seeker and it is my belief that any step, small or large, will contribute to the growth of yourself and humanity all around us. This is my personal blog, where I freely and passionately share meaningful steps to take along the journey to your vision.

The road takes time and can be uncertain, but after many generations we know it is possible!

A bit about me:

My name is Zinga and my purpose in life is to draw out the success within you and your entrepreneurial venture. I use experiential learning design to facilitate leadership development and strategic planning, which organizes the complexity of your wildest dreams into achievable steps. Here you will find fun, authenticity, and a burning desire to unlock the abundance of our generations.

I provide consulting or executive coaching services in the Northeast Ohio area or through virtual communications within anywhere to a few clients per year. Other services I provide are guidebooks, retreat sessions, team events and workshops.

Find me on:

Thanks for viewing my site.


Nzinga Hart Inbound Certified

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