Discipline is the true goal.

I popped a cheese y'all.

On day 2 of the 21-day detox challenge, I had some dairy. This thought helped me to realize that the entire purpose of this challenge was not so much completion, but consistency throughout the process. In that consistency we can experience every affect of the change.

So while I definitely achieved much of the overall detox there were some lessons, I had to learn quickly to make this next week more successful.

Lesson 1: Diving in, still needs preparation.

If I hadn't dived into the the detox, I would have been able to remove dairy from my house and stock of work snacks. Removing temptations makes it easier on me to not have to remember to avoid temptations.

Lesson 2: Sometimes a dip into detoxing makes sense.

My first week was more like 80% successful than 100%. I give it to the access to dairy and Facebook!!! Dropping access to distracting social media was a HUGE part of this detox goal, but I also found myself logging into to check back on what's happening in the social world. Thus to help combat this, I downloaded the StayFocusd extension to allow me at least 3 minutes on Facebook, but nothing more.

Easiest Parts of Week 1

Do things I already do! I'm not a sugar fan, so avoiding added sugar was straightforward for me. Unsubscribing and unfollowing apps! It was easy to let go of things that I was not really engaged with in the first place.

Hardest part of Week 1:

No dairy! I think I've gotten rid of a lot of access to dairy, but I do need to check ingredients a bit better. Feeling like I am doing enough yoga! Unfortunately with a full-time job, graduate study, active community engagement, being a landlord, and being a mom, finding time to do an hour of structured yoga has been tough! I've stuck to 10-minutes and moves I know here and there, but I'd like to beef it up for week 2.

What Week 2 Looks Like:

I hope to move from an 80% Week to at least a 90% week! One small step is the move.

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