Creation: The Critical Component to Your Success

Welcome Success Seeker!

This next one is for you. 

Someone once told me, you attract your self in others. I imagine, with this knowledge in mind, that those who read this blog (many thanks btw!) are a bit like me. In this sense, you might be introverted with an eye for big dreams, ideas, and visions and a passion for placing others in line with their success. Sweet.

I get it, what a rush! The complexity of human life, a life of which you seek clarity and productivity. Not just any productivity, though, but purposeful productivity! The kind that people would gladly do if there were no limits in their way.

Yet, while some of us on the path to success may be confident in our steps forward, others are only beginning their journey. So this next move for you is perhaps the pivotal move you must master in order to move your success forward. That move is:to create. 

What is creation? Such a vast word will need some boundaries for the purposes of this correspondence


Pronunciation: /krēˈāSH(ə)n/


The action or process of bringing something into existence Oxford Dictionaries Online



This sums up the act of success brilliantly. Whatever you are trying to accomplish, it probably has yet to be accomplished. This means it is not yet in existence, so the only way to do so is by creating that existence. To grow in confidence in this act of creation, practice creating anything at all. Whether it’s a blog post, a video, a new recipe, a fun class, or anything that you want to use your two hands to create, do it!

Do it often.

Would love to connect!

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6 Google Keep Tactics to Achieve Long Term Goals

There are 40 million active small business pages on Facebook.How do you stay active while growing your start up-


A friend read my  5 free tools article and inquired: how do I use Google Keep as a tool for sustaining success?

First a bit of back story. It has been a long journey to personalizing a system that is flexible enough for the many pivots I take in a day, yet is reliable enough to store my voracious need to collect, organize, and connect different bits of information others or I create. Crafting such a system brings deeper respect for leaders who did it before any internet options. I too remember such a time, when the internet could only be accessed during library hours or 3rd period computer class. So like many leaders, I adapted to using the classic:

Pencil and paper. Winners from the start, but in the end, the techno-lover in me knew there had to be a system that could act as a virtual replacement for my ever-expanding need to realize my mission of showing the world the value of education is abundance. What could that system be?

Enter: Google Keep

Friends and colleagues know, I am well-versed in using Google as a tool to get things done, I am surprised it took me so long to use this app the that captures information and stores it anywhere I can log in with Google. In fact, it was two years ago, when a fellow entrepreneur Erica introduced me to the tool. I tried Evernote, , Trello, Asana, Workflowly, To-Do, Momentum, and a plethora of other tools and apps, in the end, my enthusiasm for them waned. They seemed to be missing some key component, which turned out to be: integration with my current internet life. 

Success tip: Over the long haul, it’s easier to integrate systems that go with your flow.

How does Google Keep integrate so easily?

  • Flexibility – Google Keep allows you to capture notes, video, pictures, voice-to-text recordings, and lists. With a single tap, you start a new post and then you can capture your information in the mood you see fit. In addition, you can easily share via email, color code, or set reminders
  • Simplicity – Because of its post-it note style, Google Keep has minimal options and little navigation beyond what is on your screen. This simplicity keeps you focused on capturing the current thought.
  • Integration with Google Accounts – My favorite part of Google Keep is that it integrates wherever Google exists. I’m an Android owner so I have a quick app connection, and it is connected to Google Chrome and Chromebook. The best part the notes you take can be connected to Google Drive. Helping quote snippets of ideas become full articles or team documents with an easy transfer.

Tactics for how to use Google Keep:

  • Install it on your phone and mobile devices
  • Get comfortable with voice commands ideas
  • Use reminders strategically
  • Let go of perfect
  • Have a schedule for reviewing it
  • Use a simple color coding system.

6 google Keep Tactics to Sustain SUccess


One Thing Your Goal Absolutely Needs For Success

Welcome to a new week everyone!  I’m happy to know you are still present.

I’m still here sharing what I can, my everlasting reminder that YOU are the key to your success. How you nurture, care, comfort, and create your Self over time will determine much of your outcomes on your success path. Of course, the only way to work on oneself is to spend time reflecting inwardly on who we are, why we are who we are, and who we are becoming. So I’m glad to have you here reflecting with me. If you ever want to share, comment below or send a message.

Now back to my life’s call-to-action of nurturing humanity’s Self-success, there are many quick tricks a success seeker will learn over the years. We adhere to the importance of following up, strive to listen to others, and remember to stay focused, but many of us have an essential go-to move that we know will ensure we make it happen.

Here is my go-to:

Write it down.

Yup, that is one absolutely, positively essential move needed to make sure you get your big goals done.

Now wait a minute, Zinga, I don’t care for writing… 

Okay, maybe you don’t. Maybe you are so attuned to your learning style that you have transcended the most basic tools for retaining human memories: the paper and pencil. I get it and I understand. If you must; find another medium, but the message remains the same. If you want to achieve your goals, you must first bring your imagination of a goal into reality, by any means necessary. This means making a physical prototype of your goal. Writing is a basic, yet effective way of prototyping your vision. Of course,there are other ways, and I am an avid advocate of working within your learning style to get things done.

In fact, I created an infographic on ways to keep your vision (i.e. the long-term goal) ahead of you.

Zinga Hart Success Quote

But there are some key benefits from solely writing down your goal to make sure it gets done. One study covered by NPR and conducted by the University of Toronto demonstrated that when students wrote down their motivations and faced their obstacles on paper, the achievement gap disappeared between genders and races. This powerful act of writing our goals into being allowed typically underachieving student groups gets us to organize our thoughts, which allows us to resolve stressors while finding the mental fuel for our passions.

So our One More Move for this week is to do just that. Write down those goals, and if you’ve already written your goals down go over them again and perhaps refine the sentence even further.

But..Zinga…What about me the non-writer? 

First,  you should send me a message with your the goal you have in mind or schedule a 15-minute chat, we can customize a solution together. Then there’s that infographic I created just to get you started right away. Let me know what you think and if you have any tips for keeping your goals ahead of you!



Feel Your Vision (1)


A Case for Linking Online Presence to Your Success

For anyone asking Purposely Chosen Women is underway and going well! At the last session, we discussed our personal brand and how it to our goal keeps us focused, while it attracts the people who are meant to support us in our lives. Going through this session really impacted my own insight on how branding performs as a tool for our own personal success. First, a quick definition of branding to keep us on the same page.

Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from that of your competitors. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. – Small Business Encyclopedia 

I say you branding is what your circle thinks of you even when you’re not around.

The highly subjective amorphous blob that is your brand could easily spin out of control if you are not true to your core. Your core purpose that is, the one acts as a gravity pulling all the pieces and people you need to establish your destined imprint on the world. The practice of personal branding acts during your movement towards success.

What we are really here to talk about though is online branding. Your online brand can be a highly controlled and targeted simulacrum of your real-life brand. With some focus and effort, you can start building your promise all line for your ideal community to see. This allows you to gain leadership and trust online, which are key components of success.

How it Helps

It helps create internal awareness

When we reflect on our online brand and actively establish it, we concern ourselves with questions about who we are and how our thoughts are portrayed. We center our internal beings on our internal voice of purpose, which allows us to connect to our inner self on a regular basis.

Cultivates external awareness

If you never communicate, people will never you. While there are many forms of communication, online  branding allows us to create our own personal archive of our communications. Whether it is writing a blog or showing a video of our perfect piece of grilled zucchini, the internet affords audio, video, and written formats for communication. Find the ways that you are most happy with and stick to it!

Builds our expertise while gaining

Online branding is not only who you currently are, but also who you are becoming. This means your moving to a future state that may not exist. Will fill this path to the future with experience, learning, trials, errors, success. What we learn and the fruits of our labor are the pieces we share with the world. By building our brand we strengthen our capacity to know all about our core purpose. From building a business to baking cinnamon rolls, we can become an expert on the things people know makes us special.  More importantly, people can trust to expect that we know something about our  special something.

dream motivational quotes zinga

Where to Start

Start with the online brand presence audit. Answer some of the following questions below and consider how you can begin to build your foundation or improve upon your already built foundation.

  1. What’s my one-sentence message to the world?
  2. How often can I consistently communicate this message?
  3. Where and how do I want to communicate this message online?
  4. What’s my style?
  5. What impression do I make on others? (Ask 3 or more people)

How to Grow

When you are armed with this information, think about and create some goals for your online presence growth.

Stick to a select amount of online platforms, such as WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Then follow these tips.

  • Never stop listening – As you grow, your circle will too. Listen to them for constructive input, new trends to try, or even for inspiration.
  • Stay consistent – Your brand is dynamic and growing, so it requires a certain amount of consistent activity to keep a pace of growth. Find a way to consistently build and do consistently.
  • Change accordingly – Review your brand for areas to change and improve. Whether it’s from some input of information or your frequency of presence. Change when it fits your core purpose.

How can I be consistent and change at the same time Zinga???

Well, that’s just the balance of life. As long as the change is a part of your core purpose and aligns to your true values, you will be staying consistent.

What am I missing? Certainly , there are a TON of tools, platforms, and mediums to grow your online brand. Get started today, and you can msg me for my personal online brand audit checklist.

Until next week.