Summer Projects and the Season of Success

So I have a fun mission this summer. Help 20 women set a long-term strategic goal to reach a new level of success in their personal or professional lives. It’s for the startup Limitless Ambition, Inc. of which I am the current acting president. Putting on a long term project of such a nature is a great way to review a living case study of building a community action project that serves to build the success of others.

Stay tuned for further updates in this series. Starting with a special video interview from the Founder of Limitless Ambition, Alicia Robsinson!


purposely chosen women's leadership in northeast ohio, specifically the akron and cleveland area

An experiential learning workshop designed to give women the tools and tactics needed to achieve long-term success goals.

Stay tuned success seekers or follow Limitless Ambition on Facebook for more updates.


  1. Kadii · June 7, 2016

    Okay, now this is really inspiring. I’ve been saying I’m going to start this new project but keep putting it off. Maybe I should make it my summer goals.
    And I could use some help with my strategic goal planning, how can I sign up for that ?


    • Zinga H · June 7, 2016

      Of course Kadii!! Let’s set up a time to chat! We can figure out a way to include you or create something personal. Email me


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