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The Theory Behind Purposely Chosen Women Leadership Series

How far have you taken your goals?

Or do you set goals at all?

As people, we find ourselves yearning for more than we have and to stretch beyond any perceived limitations in our lives. Yet, formal goal setting can stir a lot of anxiety in us. When we set about creating a real goal to achieve anything that means we are setting ourselves up to take actions we haven’t taken before in our lives. We have to figure out new steps, new people, or find new resources, all which may have never existed before we set this goal. What’s worst is our goals may not absolutely come to fruition how we planned thus proving against what we set to do. Furthermore, we are setting ourselves up to either succeed or fail because we may just go on not taking the actions we hoped to start at the beginning of our new goal. Thus we might face a huge amount of disappointment just by living the lives we’re already living.

Somehow, we still figure out ways to set goals and achieve them or we don’t. If only we can move closer to the side of more goals achieved than not, and if they are not if is for  good purpose. This is one of the primary motivations for my development of the Purposely Chosen Women’s Leadership program curriculum.

Below is a selection from the entire curriculum plan that overviews the driving theories behind this program’s development.

Limitless Ambition is a non-profit organization developing a community adult enrichment program titled Purposely Chosen Women’s Leadership Series. The focus of the program is to equip women with the skills and tools they need to be successful in their careers or entrepreneurial ventures. Limitless Ambition has a mission to have educational, motivational, and inspirational programs that use mentoring, community outreach and other resources to increase the economic equity of the female gender. Incorporating this mission into the program is a major component of the design. In addition, this program will be a way to further enhance the lives of women ages 18-30 by helping them get to a level of success so they can, in turn, support and mentor the success of emerging young women.

This is a new curriculum as the organization is a start-up and is in the process of beginning to connect with the local community within the Akron, Ohio area. Our program organizers firmly believe in the ideas of establishing self-efficacy through skills and tools mastery. Using the time and space of the program to ensure practice is what, we believe, will set us apart from other non-profit organizations. This means our curriculum will be designed with an emphasis on experiential learning, which works as a “holistic integrative perspective” by combining “experience, perception, cognition, and behavior” (Kolb, 1984, p.21), to help students embody the content and proposed outcomes of the program.

The foundation of the program incorporates the research based on self-efficacy and organizational learning theories. Both theories propose the importance of working with the root triggers, motivations, fears, and causes to produce an effective outcome. The design of the workshops is modeled on experiential learning, which provides an adequate format to sustain our theoretical goals.Students practice during the workshop sessions allowing them to grow comfortable with their confidence while surrounding by a supportive network of women learning with them. 


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The key goal is to build self-efficacy, which ensures that participants will gain confidence in the practices of career and entrepreneurial success by enacting out the process it takes to achieve it. Propelled by Albert Bandura, self-efficacy can be defined as “the conviction that one can successfully execute the behavior to produce the outcomes” (Bandura, 1977, p. 79). Finally, organizational learning theory works to ensure that limits to success are overcome through using group dynamics to “adapt to changing environments, draw lessons from past successes and failures, and detect and correct errors of the past, anticipate and respond to impending threats, engage in continuous innovation, and build and realize images of a desirable future” (Harper and Quay, p. 145).

Both self-efficacy and organizational learning theory focus on the development of the Self and our ability to respond to setbacks, limits, or crises on the way to accomplishing a defined goal. We find the experiential learning model to be a great fit for driving forward both theoretical tenets. The model places personal experience in relation to abstract concepts as at the center of learning. Then it places a heavy emphasis on the feedback through reflection, observation, and active assessment by the student to integrate what is being learned (Kolb, 1984).

Overall, the concepts incorporated with our mission will help develop curriculum that helps every individual woman draft a plan and method for achieving their desired outcomes in their careers or entrepreneurial projects. It will equip them with ways to successfully execute their plans and prepare them for evaluating ways to overcome limits that arise on the path to their goal.

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Career Champs with Alicia Robinson, Founder and Executive Director of Limitless Ambition

Bootstrapping a non-profit is no light affair.

alicia robinson limitless ambition kent ohio zinga hart

I remember the night like it was yesterday. Frustrated with being severely limited at my job, I needed a way to vent my  insatiable need to create solutions to complex problems, and I found myself meeting with the coolest professional woman in the coolest building on campus at what was formerly known as the Blackstone Launchpad.

It was a semi-transparent glass box, smack dab in the middle of the student center, and having encountered her before, I curiously wondered how we could connect. When we met, she gave me the invitation to an All the CEO Ladies networking meeting later that week. It was after work so I went. It was there that the true connection was made.

It was there that the true connection was made.

We all had to pitch as a part of the membership. I came up with an idea to develop a social app that categorized and simplified who will be on the current political ballot. Everyone cheered, it was and still is a pretty crucial invention that we can’t quite get popularized.

Then it was her turn, Alicia Robinson. She sat and cheered everyone through their ideas and made friends pretty instantly. Like a cool older sister that you wonder where they get their je ne sais quoi.  We all heard her stitch together her vision of a future where women accept our pain because it pushes toward a life of purpose and passion. Where we network together to build youth girls to dream, believe, and achieve without limits. An organization she would call Limitless Ambition, Inc.

An organization she would call Limitless Ambition, Inc.

Her ideas of the future were so grand and so big, it  almost felt like one’s first visit to the late FAO Schwartz. She had the determination in her voice that made everyone feel like all the pitches we gave would pan out perfectly, just because we said it. We wanted her to succeed because we felt our own limitless ambition fueling us there in each others presence. A room full of young, emerging women hoping to craft a better future with our best ideas.

women leadership free lessons a woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman

Start-Up Leadership Lessons

By this point, I had experience with growing and refining strategies for non-profits so I agreed to join the group and help create a strategic plan, while doing some marketing.  that is where I learned that a start-up non-profit is a completely different canvas. This is when I learned that a start-up non-profit is a completely different canvas than the well-established organizations I was used to before starting college. Becuase it was a start-up, I was voted into the position of president, a role I was surprised to be offered. Yet, my initiative and understanding of the mission along with my comfort with strategic management fit for a startup. I agreed to take the position for three years, we the stipulation that we would spend time finding a president of a much higher-profile by the end of my term.

Alicia and I were still in school at the time, we both also worked full-time had tight millennial budgets, an untapped network, and  starter experience to boot. Our passion wouldn’t let that stop us, and, thankfully, Blackstone Launchpad, now KSU Launchnet provided an excellent source of wisdom, connections, and support along the way. We had late nights,  early emails, weekly and twice-weekly meetings; we devoted any minute of our free time, effort, and attention into making sure Limitless Ambition, Inc did everything as thoroughly as possible, to show we could match the pace of our peers. What we learned was that we had something that worked and that we had to keep serving those around us because they found value every time.

When life called she answered cultivated visions

Our Start Up Nonprofit Grows Up

It is no easy journey and we still have a long road to walk. There were small successes, frustrating failures, arguments, and awkward moments of facing our truths, so we could improve and move on. Yet, all along the way, we knew the moments were moments of empowerment, which was exactly the point. Thus, we kept moving forward, ego bruises and all. Now, we are preparing to host our next summer program and we have grown our team from around 5 to over 20 in three years time. Our organization has had a reach of over 600 people face to face and we have a locally-targeted social media reach of 4000+, all while working our passions part time.

As our team grew our hectic schedules quelled, and now we face new leadership lessons beyond the ones of our early start-up days. How do we ensure our mission is reflected in every aspect of our work? How can we provide community transparency that builds trust amongst those we serve and support? How can we be better leaders, still?

This may be my last year serving as the president of Limitless Ambition, so I hope to leave my lessons here for those who will carry the torch forward. Take a moment below to watch me interview Alicia in my special podcast segment below.

OMM: Massage Another

Happy Monday Everyone!

Here’s another small actionable step we can take towards building success.

Massage Another

Find someone you know or don’t know and make them feel good. Either physically with your hands or spiritually with kind words. This act alone will provide you an opportunity feel good for doing good and help someone else feel good as well. It’s double the result on your singular effort.

Summer Projects and the Season of Success

So I have a fun mission this summer. Help 20 women set a long-term strategic goal to reach a new level of success in their personal or professional lives. It’s for the startup Limitless Ambition, Inc. of which I am the current acting president. Putting on a long term project of such a nature is a great way to review a living case study of building a community action project that serves to build the success of others.

Stay tuned for further updates in this series. Starting with a special video interview from the Founder of Limitless Ambition, Alicia Robsinson!


purposely chosen women's leadership in northeast ohio, specifically the akron and cleveland area

An experiential learning workshop designed to give women the tools and tactics needed to achieve long-term success goals.

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