5 Free Tools to Keep Your Goals Straight

goal management tools

Whether you are dipping a toe or are knee-deep in your success journey, you will eventually have to realize that whatever your vision of success is will include many little goals that will pave your way to the big dream. Tracking goals is bound to grow complex as you success path deepens, and sometimes technology only clouds your strategy with a flood of options.

How can you ensure that you are keeping the many little goals progressing towards the same end?

You need to continually refine your system

With the vast array of tools available, finding the right system can be a project in and of itself. Luckily after years of practice and experimentation, I have spent enough time with some systems to find the ones that have lasted the longest, thus proving the most useful.

Of course, your system will need to be personalized to your needs, but if you are looking for an essential list, check out the one below.

Google Keep The newest to my list, but it has quickly risen to the top apps I use to keep everything together. Essentially Google Keep is a catch-all app meant to digitally record all the random flashes of inspiration or reminders that you need to address. With a sticky note/ tile-like fashion, Google Keep does an excellent job of visually organizing our thoughts, hopes, dreams, and ideas. It’s essential to make sure to implement the reminder features, color coding, and tagging to boost organizational levels to the max

Google Calendar – Next on the list is another Google Tool to help keep track of our goals. Using the Google Calendar allows you to plan far ahead into the future and have dates and reminders.

Asana – While Google Calendar works for keeping your long-term or recurring projects on a deadline, Asana is a great tool because it adds structure to your project. You can prioritize tasks, assign to team members, and even track relates notes and documents. Asana is great with a generous free offering with up to 15 team members. The video I made  below gives a quick overview to show how user-friendly and team-friendly it can be. 

Paper and Pencil – While not 100% free if you ask a friend, I’m sure you could swipe this tools at a fairly low cost. Having a notepad, journal or another way to record your thoughts when you digital thought collector is not available or you have decided to unplug.

A Command Center – A personal way to keep track of your goals to complete on an annual basis. It breaks it down into monthly, weekly, and daily views and you don’t need the internet to use it. Just have it posted, in your face, and use it every day to conquer those big rocks.

Click Here For A Free Command Center Printable


  1. Kadii · April 12, 2016

    Never heard of google keep before but I will be sure to try this app out …. It sounds very kool.


  2. compinstructorcom · April 13, 2016

    Never heard of Google Keep. I reminds me of Evernote. Might give it a try.


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