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Thanks for your wonderful 2015!

While I’ve written other blogs in the past , this is the first one where I have finally captured my purpose for your web viewing. Helping others take the steps the need to find success in their lives is my mission!

What will 2016 bring? 

  • More posts and steps to take towards your success
  • Guest bloggers? I hope!! If you’re interested in collaborating let me know 😀
  • Videos!!! Yes, in 2016, I will face my insecurity (about being dorky on camera) and share videos for those who prefer to learn visually


I am truly grateful towards anyone who has shared the words on this page with me. I look forward to our growth in the next year!

Taking a vacation – Next official blog post will be January 4th 2016 – unless I’m somehow inspired before then.

Can’t wait until then?

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Daydream to Boost Your Most Passionate Career Path

96% of adults daydream. If you are one of those adults, ask yourself: are you using this seemingly random activity to the fullest potential?

Like most successful activities, daydreaming to your favor will take practice, purpose, and persistence and, in this case, we’re going to focus on your career. How can you use daydreams to ensure you are reaching your career path’s most passionate potential? There are simple techniques to do so, but first a short overview of current thoughts around daydreams. 

What are daydreams?

Daydreams were discovered when scientists notice neural network activity while participants were not participating in anything at all. This came to the formation of the phrase “stimulus-independent thought,” which are thoughts created sans interaction or engagement with the environment outside of our minds. In this sense, daydreams may seem as if they are out of your control, and they can easily be, but the truth is our mind is a muscle and we work with it as we would most functioning muscles in our body.

So how can we use daydreams to create our best career path?

We must actively practice day dream by engaging in personal discovery sessions. This type of daydreaming is called positive-constructive daydreaming, which is the active reflection on our feelings, thoughts, imaginations, and other personal facets of our life in an open manner. This activity means letting go of any urge to stop yourself from thinking a thought or dreaming a dream. Studies found  this type of thinking led to an overall sense of well-being and furthermore it opens you up the possibilities of where you can apply your value.[source]

envision your career success

How can you use this on your career path?

 The answer is there are many ways to do it and you mustn’t stop at one! Experiment and continuously reflect on your career path throughout the time that you desire to earn a living for yourself. Two simple ways to incorporate this technique into your life is by:

Take a career quiz

Taking personality quizzes, like this one, or this one, and imagining yourself in the ideal roles that they describe for you. When it comes to career construction, my old mentor, Dr. Mark Savickas, told me they’re only about half right. Yet, this is a safe and simple activity to envision a future you.

Put yourself into the position and research it. Note what excites you and what doesn’t as you explore what the role has to offer.

The closest personality test for your work preference is the Holland Code, a model developed by John Holland and used by the military. My Holland Code was IEAS, most Holland Codes are the first 3 letters, which meant my career preference would be book restorer. NO!!! Don’t let online or even legitimate quizzes decide your career path,  in order to find your authentic value you must dream deeper into who you are.


Career Path Dream Land

Asking yourself probing questions and then answering them until you reach a point of profound clarity is a thing. This is what is needed to really unearth the answers of who you are and where you are meant to bring value to the world.

A safe way to do this is what I call a mini-self-retreat. Find a way to get time alone and comfortable: send the roommate or partner out, find a baby or pet sitter, or go to a hotel.

Relinquish yourself from responsibility save for your Self.

Then have a nice thoughtful internal discussion about what you want. Stay with the discussion and record your answers for later use, listen to yourself with openness and innocence, as if within you there is a great warm source of your very own personal all-knowing. It can seem different at first, but this is just a surface level way to find your authentic value from within.

Will daydreaming get you a job? No. Constructive daydreaming and self-discovery will set you on a path to a career you are confident carrying as a part of your life’s legacy. If that’s something you think is worth having, let me know!

Comment and we’ll connect 🙂

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10 Gifts Your #BossBae Will Appreciate

This one is for all the partners of entrepreneurs out there. We love you. Thanks for sticking with us through this roller coaster of a journey towards success. For supporting us through all the achievements and for the meetings that land us nowhere. Our vision is clear, but the path before us is mired with uncertain risks. You, dear partner, are a shining light in our journey. So, here are some top gifts, your entrepreneurial partner would appreciate. If you’re a woman who is entrepreneur help your partner out and comment below! Who knows you might just get what you want.

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3. To balance the hectic schedule and take a much needed break – Being a boss, leader, and/or entrepreneur can be stressful. Help them find time to destress with this awesome adult coloring book.

4. For all the new ideas, leads, and lists – Entrepreneurs think, a lot. Help them capture the next big move with a book they want to show off.

5. For the entrepreneur who is full of dreams, but not quite sure which to make a reality. You know your #bossbae is poised for something special. Help them discover their purpose and passion with this guided journal.

6. For all the meetings they will attend and keep on schedule…Staying on time while staying stylish, will make their leadership look effortless.

7. …and all the presentations they will give. A portable projector for will take the term elevator pitch to another level.

8. To keep them styling while filing. A durable and sturdy case to keep their papers, projects, and other pieces organized.

9. Because knowledge is power. Wonderfully inspiring book on keeping your entrepreneurial edge.

10. Because at the end of the day the people make all of this worth it


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7 Quotes to Inspire Your Career Action Plan

Building an authentic career path takes effort. Maintaining your job, keeping yourself open to new opportunities, while improving your skills to keep up with the pace of change in the working world is just a few additional domains to juggle in the scope of your life. Endless online applications and a degree of uncertainty during interviews, can make the experience daunting for even the most seasoned of career champs. Now, the path of talent connection is moving to the social world, which is an additional activity to include on your list of many.

On your career journey it is important to stay motivated.

Here are some 7 motivational quotes to keep your career aspirations in perspective as you continue to build the dream. 

There are positive and negative thoughts and, hey, it doesn’t cost you a cent more to think positively

– Angelo Dundee, boxing trainer

Even the best career candidates will not be chosen for every position. The factors that go into choosing you are plenty: the needs, culture, and desires of the company, hiring manager, and team will all play a role into the final decision. So while you may find positions slipping out of reach, there is no need to be negative because that will only slow down your search. Stay positive because it keeps you active. 

You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.

— Confucius

Zinga Hart - Build a reputation quote by Confucius

If you want to be X (a marketer, account manager, etc.) you are not going to get there by talking about what you will be doing, you need to find ways to do it! Learn the tech associated with the position, volunteer where you can, write about it! Find ways to do what you want to do, whether it is a part of your position or not.

No man can succeed in a line of endeavor which he does not like.

-Napoleon Hill

Recognize what you don’t like to do early. This will help cut out positions you don’t really want so you can spend time on what you do want.

The worst days of those who enjoy what they do, are better than the best days of those who don’t.

—E. James Rohn

When you find something you love, you will know because even the pain points will be worth it.

There is no passion to be found in playing small—in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living.

Nelson Mandela

I run into people who shy away from speaking outlandish visions of what they want from their future. They fear the disappointment that comes from not attaining it. Yet, the disappointment truly lies in the moment resigned from choosing a life they want. Imagine the best future you can then work towards it today, it is much more fulfilling than giving up all hope before trying.

Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.

-Gloria Steinem

Another reason people shy away from imaginations of the future is because they think imagining and daydreaming are a waste of time. This is a dangerous rumor. Dreaming, imagining, and thinking are exercises that ensure our career dreams grow into a career process with an outcome we desire. Make it the first step and give yourself permission to dream your best life.


No one rises suddenly in the world, not even the sun.

Know that your career progress will unfold with time. Just continue to cultivate the process, plan for greatness, and hold patient as your destiny blooms before you.

What’s your favorite career quote?