3 Phrases That Hurt Your Vision Statement

blurred photo representing a blurry vision statement The way you think drastically affects the way you act.So the way we communicate with ourselves, the way we write or draw, all contribute to the future actions we will take. Positive talk moves us forward while negative talk can keep us frozen or sliding back in the progress we make. Here are three negative phrases to look out for in your language.

I feel…

Talking about your feelings and being emotionally intelligent is an important skill, but when it comes to taking action or solving problems, it tends to muddle our thinking and, therefore, our decision making. When you place the word I in front of it, you turn inward as opposed to the outside world. You become the subject of the issue.

For instance if your vision statement is “I feel the world’s people should all have food every day”, you are the subject of the sentence, meanwhile the real subject [the world’s people] is lost in the predicate. Everyone’s brain, even your own, processes this as you are at the center.

Solution: BE

Whatever your vision statement is, put the action first. To provide food for all. Clarifies and strengthens your vision to yourself and others.There are tons strong action statements to employ. Find the ones right for you and put them as close to the start of your vision as possible.

I don’t know…

This is one I struggle with when it comes to talking to my sister. This statement stops your thinking and weakens your creative muscle. Your imagination is one of your most powerful leadership tools and passing off an opportunity to imagine weakens the tool.

Solution: Make it up

When it comes to your vision statement, you do know! It’s just not a complete picture take the time to talk it out and eventually you will hone it into a work of art.

…won’t I?

“I’ll change the world, won’t I?” Can you see what’s wrong with this vision statement? Clearly asking a question at the end of a command adds doubt.

Solution: Drop that tagline

Questioning yourself is  appropriate sometimes, but when it comes to your long-term vision it only hampers your progress. Let it go so that you can focus on the real actions you have to take.In addition, questioning what you say causes others to lose confidence in your certainty and capability to carry out the action.

Language plays a great role in our leadership skills. Be aware of how your language may be affecting your progress

photo credit: human league via photopin (license)

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