Manage Your Success

I recently gave a workshop for my non-profit organizational Limitless Ambition, where I discussed Managing Your Success for the Purposely Chosen Women’s Leadership Program. It was a very valuable event, not just for the participants, but for me as well. Hearing about the women there and the need they have to be successful was inspiring and reminds me I do this because I truly value bringing out the success in others.

Nzinga Hart Leading a Workshop on Managing Success

We sat equally in a circle

Success skills they learned

On Management and Leadership

Management and leadership go hand in hand, but they are not the same. Leadership is the vision, the end-goal, and all the attitudes, materials, and skills needed to get there. Management is the day-to-day grind and staying on task. This workshop focused on the management side. How do we as entrepreneurs and business leaders feel in control of how we manage ourselves towards what the leader in us desires?

We must communicate with ourselves, but also respect that these are dual roles needed to be fully successful.

On Communicating With Your Leader

The women went through an important value exercise. Knowing your values is what it takes to be able to know what YOU and your leader desire. So we went around and analyzed how everyone’s values fit into their larger vision for themselves. This was an important discovery for some who could not see a connection, but by the end of the session we realized all of our values were connected in some shape or form.

On Priorities
Prioritize Your Day. Like it was 24 ounces of water and your car is stranded in the desert.

Prioritize Your Day. Like it was 24 ounces of water and your car is stranded in the desert.

Next we prioritized what we could do today that would feed into our larger goal. Going from values to priorities is how your inner manager connects with your inner leader. It is important to keep the discussion going in order to continue the forward balance towards success.

My next workshop coming up will be June 27th: The anxious entrepreneur: A overview of how our greatest asset can be our biggest progress blocker.

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