Why My Vision Statement Stays The Same

Image of dancers depicting a dynamic core and representing how a vision statement should be built.

Last week, I posted an article on my blog about vision statements and why they should be dynamic. This week I continue the conversation with why they should also stay the same. A documented vision is much like the itinerary for your best vacation. It shows what you want your end destination to look like. It can be very detailed and rigid, full of all the activities you want to achieve or very simple and open, but at of the day your vision will and should align with your most important values.

As I mentioned, your vision should be flexible, just in case you are offered an upgrade on your trip, but it should also have its end goal in mind. Iy you successfully want to complete it. If your end goal was a fun family vacation, you would be amiss if you spent your time alone back at the hotel room working.

So how do we keep our code in mind while being dynamic at the same time?

Stick to your values

Knowing what you value in life helps keep you constant and in touch with your desires.  When writing your vision statement, analyze which value of yours are present, and ask if those are the most important to you.

Remind yourself often

Recording your vision and values attached to them so you can look at them often will keep you consistent. This will keep it in your mind, and allow your subconscious to look out for ways to act.

Build your value vocabulary

Consistently improving your language is a great way to enhance your core vision because as it grows you realize that you are progressing to new levels and increasing the intensity of the values that act with you.

Your core vision will provide you with a fulfilling success. Your dynamic vision will make it an adventure. Keep in mind these two parts to balance the path of progress.
photo credit: CO0P4240.jpg via photopin (license)

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