Easy-to-Start Business Ideas: A Guide for Novice Entrepreneurs

Easy-to-Start Business Ideas: A Guide for Novice Entrepreneurs

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Becoming a business owner is a great way to take control of your career. You don’t have to report to a boss, can set your own hours, and—most importantly—pursue your passion. That said, entrepreneurship is a tough road, with many hurdles to clear. First-time business owners can increase their odds of success by prioritizing low-risk business models and planning strategically. This guide provides the information you need to get started.

Do your research to identify a low-risk business model

Some businesses require more financial investment than others, making them inherently riskier because you stand to lose more. When deciding what type of business to pursue, focus on lower-risk options. For example, anything that you can do from home is less expensive, since you won’t have to pay for commercial rent. Business News Daily provides a roundup of low-cost startup ideas from content creation to online tutoring.

Figure out if you need additional educational credentials

Depending on the business you pursue, you may benefit from additional training or educational certifications. An online MBA program can help you sharpen your business acumen, teaching valuable hard skills like bookkeeping and management as well as soft skills like communication and public speaking. An online program allows you to set the pace, so you can study alongside an existing job as you prepare to transition to entrepreneurship.

Draft a detailed business plan

A business plan is essentially a guidebook to how your business will be run. Drafting this document before you start operations will help you prepare your business strategy. A comprehensive plan should include a description of your products and services, marketing plan, financial projections, operating structure, and more. You can also use your business plan to get funding for your business.

Determine how much startup money you’ll need and secure the required funds

Even if you opt for a low-risk, low-cost startup model, you should anticipate some overhead expenses. Common startup costs could include hardware and software, staffing, website design, and marketing. If you don’t have the money to cover these expenses yourself, you’ll have to get it elsewhere. There are many ways you can get the money you need, including traditional bank loans, crowdfunding, grants, equity, and angel investors.

Register your business as an official legal entity with your state

Registering your business as a formal legal entity with your state has a lot of benefits. Some business models, like a limited liability company (LLC), will protect your personal liability in case your business gets into legal trouble. Setting up a business entity can also simplify administrative paperwork like bookkeeping and tax filing. The Global Alliance of SMEs provides a guide to the types of business entities available, from LLCs to corporations.

Get the tech tools you need to make everyday work life easier

Some entrepreneurs are hesitant to invest in technology, assuming that it’s better to skip the expense and keep overhead costs low. However, if you want your business to thrive, you need to ensure streamlined operations. The right tech tools are essential towards this end. Cutting-edge tech can help with everything from calendar management to document storage, communications, and project organization.

Define your brand and promote it with low-cost digital marketing

If you want your business to succeed, it needs to stand out from the crowd. Branding is the answer. Define a unique brand according to your product and service offering as well as your company’s values. You can then go on to market that brand to your defined target audience. To keep costs low, prioritize budget-friendly marketing techniques, such as social media, blogging, and content creation.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting journey. However, it can also be challenging. Follow the tips above to help guide you through a low-risk path to business ownership, ensuring success.

For more content to help you thrive as an entrepreneur, check out the Zinga Hart resource hub.

Community Conversations: Where Will The Writer’s Go?

This is a new series to highlight insights in my local community.

Local newspapers provide access to communities in a way that makes in depth connections that a regional or national newspaper may not have time to cover. For Akron, The Devil Strip (TDS) was unique in filling that role while also highlighting the area artists, creatives, and nonprofits . When I was younger I moved up and down the east coast. When I get to a new city or town the first thing I tend to look for to assess a community are its library and its community newspaper. When I came to Akron four years ago, I was sold when it was clear to see that this city poured into both investments. The demise of TDS was disappointing, but the biggest loss was the hole it created for community journalists to connect and create based on their expertise, passions, and experience. While several digital and print community media, TDS captured a diverse and inclusive picture of Akron, but shine the unique artistry of our city’s shared culture. Dara Harper, Director of Programming at ArtsNow and creator of the Akron Black Artists guild, sees the importance as knowing that someone is, “recording our story” not just major headlines, it opens us to see how Akron “shares a narrative”. The culmination of the team in place was a bright spot that shared a special place in the heart of Akron. What was more important is the position the organization was taking to provide a pathway for the everyday Akronite to submit their voice towards covered content. At the beginning of 2021, they offered training for citizens on the foundations of reporting and writing the news. The pilot program included around 25 members and many went on to publish throughout the year.

While my experience as a writer for TDS was short meeting the people behind the paper showed a dedication to a mission that was bigger than the news. It was a mission to shine a light on Akron, both the achievements and challenges. There are credible newspaper publications in the region, like the Akron Beacon Journal. Susan Zake, professor from Kent State University and former photographer for the Akron Beacon Journal, points out hyperlocal newspapers, “filled a void of the local coverage of the art, culture, and music scene” and also provided an “an aesthetic” that was unique to the area. Unlike a regional newspaper it allowed a pathway to fill both “informative and creative needs.” Now once again it seems there is a void of coverage in this area. How can a community return to filling this void in hyperlocal journalism? As Susan Zake notes, “collective voices and take submissions.”

Ken Evans, a former community journalist, shares “there is a desire to invest in it, there is a desire to have voices. The biggest thing is we have to be okay with risk in the city and run with their ideas.” The biggest desire is the power of community-based journalism to be a tool for the people and by the people. So the question is where are those tools now?

What could be shaped and formed into a viable pathway for the community to share their vision and voice?

One such place where the writer can continue to send their submission is the Serve the People newsletter. Wren, their contributor, describes as a “radical mutual aid organization founded in Akron after the protests of 2020. Their newsletter is the Revolutionary Akron Press, or RAP, for short. It is a Patreon funded paper that dives into critical topics in Akron such as the housing crisis. The newspaper speaks to the mission of the organization. RAP writer Wren says it is a “tool of accountability” that sheds light on issues that Akron needs to know. They started their paper in 2021 with the hopes to illuminate how people are struggling in Akron. Wren hopes the paper can position itself as a “shield and sword” for the city. She welcomes writers to go through the membership process and get writing! While it may be a small niche spot, writing as an Akron tool for change, will revive itself one way or the other.

Guest Post: Tried and True Marketing Methods That Have Stood the Test of Time

Man in a Dress Shirt and Black Pants Standing In Front of a House

Tried and True Marketing Methods That Have Stood the Test of Time

While innovation is great and has resulted in a quicker, more convenient way of doing things, it would be wise not to forget those traditional forms of marketing that were foundational to the great strides we’ve made today. Moreover, you could say that these ‘older’ more traditional types of marketing are just as relevant today. Here’s why they still work and how they can work for you in accomplishing your marketing goals.

This‌ ‌article ‌is‌ ‌one‌ ‌of‌ ‌several‌ ‌great‌ ‌pieces‌ ‌of‌ ‌content‌ ‌you‌ ‌can‌ ‌find‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌‌Zinga Hart ‌blog.‌


When it comes to advertising your message and doing so quickly, flyers are an efficient marketing strategy that works well. Furthermore, if you’re looking to bring flyers into the 21st century, but more importantly into the digital age, there are ways to inject a bit of creativity into this traditional marketing method to make it more modern. For example, including your social media handles or scannable barcodes on your flyers for instant connectivity is one of combining the old with the new, so to speak, to make your marketing strategy that much more effective.

Thoughtful postcards

Whether it’s the more traditional form of postcards you’re accustomed to or it’s the more current postcard mailer you’re looking into using, there’s no doubt about it, postcards still work at communicating your message effectively. Here, it’s more about personalization. And with digital marketing, identifying your target market and reaching an even wider audience base is certainly much more achievable than in days gone by. Again, it’s about tailoring your message to suit the intended audience. But even more than that it’s about finding ways how to capture the attention of your intended audience using attention-grabbing slogans, offering not-to-be-missed discounts or deals as well as designing your postcards so that it catches the eye of the reader using tools such as Adobe, for instance.

The good old yard sign

Of course, nothing beats the good old yard sign if you want to instantly attract the attention of drivers passing by. For example, what would a real estate advertisement be without a peg in the sand? This is a prime example of why yard signs are definitely not as outdated as they sound. 

Enormous billboards

It’s hard to believe that billboards have been around for well over a century. But it’s true. It seems that billboards are one of those marketing tools that’ll never go out of fashion. This, in part, is due to its versatility. And the fact that it has digitally evolved to include digital screens that have moved with the times.

Changing it up every so often

What happens with marketing sometimes is that you’ll likely see a need to combine one or more marketing strategies to really make your mark. Alternatively, if your current marketing strategy is not yielding the results you intended for it, it may be time to change your marketing strategy up a bit. Furthermore, the solution for a failing marketing strategy may lie in finding ways of adapting to new (or even traditional) marketing methods you may not have thought of before. Here, it’s about not being afraid to test out what you’re not typically used to, for instance.

In summary, the world of marketing is subject to change. In fact, it’s more of an inevitability than a probability. Therefore, it may be a good idea to stay in tune with what your audience is looking for, whilst not discounting the fact that traditional marketing methods may still very well apply. 

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Discipline is the true goal.

I popped a cheese y'all.

On day 2 of the 21-day detox challenge, I had some dairy. This thought helped me to realize that the entire purpose of this challenge was not so much completion, but consistency throughout the process. In that consistency we can experience every affect of the change.

So while I definitely achieved much of the overall detox there were some lessons, I had to learn quickly to make this next week more successful.

Lesson 1: Diving in, still needs preparation.

If I hadn't dived into the the detox, I would have been able to remove dairy from my house and stock of work snacks. Removing temptations makes it easier on me to not have to remember to avoid temptations.

Lesson 2: Sometimes a dip into detoxing makes sense.

My first week was more like 80% successful than 100%. I give it to the access to dairy and Facebook!!! Dropping access to distracting social media was a HUGE part of this detox goal, but I also found myself logging into to check back on what's happening in the social world. Thus to help combat this, I downloaded the StayFocusd extension to allow me at least 3 minutes on Facebook, but nothing more.

Easiest Parts of Week 1

Do things I already do! I'm not a sugar fan, so avoiding added sugar was straightforward for me. Unsubscribing and unfollowing apps! It was easy to let go of things that I was not really engaged with in the first place.

Hardest part of Week 1:

No dairy! I think I've gotten rid of a lot of access to dairy, but I do need to check ingredients a bit better. Feeling like I am doing enough yoga! Unfortunately with a full-time job, graduate study, active community engagement, being a landlord, and being a mom, finding time to do an hour of structured yoga has been tough! I've stuck to 10-minutes and moves I know here and there, but I'd like to beef it up for week 2.

What Week 2 Looks Like:

I hope to move from an 80% Week to at least a 90% week! One small step is the move.

Diving into a December Detox

I’ve been reading a book called Results by Jamie Smart. At first I thought it was going to help me find some management techniques to ensure that when I work with small businesses or large enterprises, the goals they set bring provable results.

Woops! Judged a book by a cover, but it seems the universe had bigger plans for me in mind. The book Results was actually about how our minds, our very thoughts, can get in our own way of finding the true innate results we can deliver as humans. *Mind blown* It seems simple, but this concept really attempts to get the reader to accept that clarity to a human is as real and pervasive as gravity is on this earth. We did not invent gravity, it just is, and we discovered and name it. We do not create our own clarity, the clarity is there, and sometimes our thoughts can keep us from tapping into it.

As someone who loveeeesssss to think, I still struggle to embrace this concept, but I would like to get closer to stepping into clarity. As a challenge for myself, and this blog, I am going to be embarking on a detox in December. As a way to clear some of the “contaminated” or even “cluttered” areas of my life. I’ve put together some areas to detox and hope that writing will help me commit to this journey over the next 21-days.

So here is a list of 21-day detox ideas that I will be building together.

  • 21 Clean Eating Detox by Fit BodyRock (Food)
  • 21 Day Yoga Challenge by Yoga with Uliana (Fitness)
  • 21 Mind Makeover Challenge by Gravity Life Coaching (Mind)
  • 21 Day Digital Detox Checklist by But First Joy.Com (Tech)

While there are a dozen of ways to detox, I hope these areas hit on the global areas of the self! Here are the details on some.

21-Day Clean Eating Detox by Fit Body Rock

Source: https://www.bodyrock.tv/
From: https://www.bodyrock.tv/ Found on Pinterest

I am choosing level 2, since I am fairly close to level 1 on this. Giving up dairy products will be hard especially during egg nog season!!

Source: https://www.yogawithuliana.com/

I love yoga and it’s been months since I’ve done it in a dedicated way. By releasing the stress and tension from my body, I can definitely open up space for clarity!

21-Day Mind Makeover Challenge by Gravity Life Coaching

Honest, I found most of these challenges on Pinterest 🙂 This one seems to lead to https://www.erinsonlinecoachingcamp.com/

Finally the 21-Day Digital Detox challenge! It’s easy to say that social media can be distracting, especially when you’ve worked in marketing or adjacent to marketing for years! Now that some of my responsibilities are coming to an end I feel comfortable deleting some social media apps, even if its just for a week! I just love this one from But First, Joy.com


So that lays it out! From December 1st to December 21st, I’ll be retreating into myself and practicing these challenges!

Have you ever done a detox? What would you recommend?

Here’s a sneak peek of Week 1, which is underway!

Guest Post:3 Things to Remember As You Build A Successful Business

Hey all!

It’s been a journey since I’ve written my last article! Getting an MBA has been the major focus of my writing free-time. Articles coming back and a special summer series for my small business owners sisters is already in the works. For now, I am sharing a special guest post from one of my readers: Chelsea Lamb, author at, https://www.businesspop.net/

Photo by fauxels from Pexels

Are you considering starting a new business or branching out with your current venture? Ready to take that next step into small-business ownership or looking to hire more people for the business you have already forged and made successful? As we come out of the pandemic and consumers are looking to spend some of the savings they accumulated over the last year, you may be considering (or reconsidering) a foray into entrepreneurship.

Let’s take a look at a few things you should remember as you build a successful company following the COVID-19 pandemic:

1. The numbers are on your side

Now could be the best time to start a business thanks to the assistance and incentives being provided by the U.S. government to small-business owners across the country. For instance, there are programs that will help companies maintain their payroll so that they can continue to pay their people throughout the crisis. Around six weeks into the pandemic, U.S. economists were shocked to see a boom in the numbers of new business applications. 

In fact, the third quarter of 2020 is the quarter with the highest recorded number of applications since 2004. New businesses are springing up from the old ones that had closed during the pandemic — more now than ever before. So it may just be that now is the time to start a new venture.

2. Consult the experts

Talk to people who know how to build a successful business. That includes social media and marketing experts, networking specialists, and business success coaches. Keeping a metaphoric rolodex of people who you can consult when you have questions or concerns about the business is a huge way to set yourself up for success in the long term. It’s hard to do this alone — and if you’re a solopreneur and doing everything on your own, it is still essential to have a group of folks you can turn to in times of need.

For instance, business coaching provides you with guidance for every step of the way as you’re ideating, planning, strategizing, launching, and building your business. There are a lot of moving parts in entrepreneurship — and if you’re doing it all yourself, it can be overwhelming. A business coach can provide a critical objective perspective on the work you’re doing and the clientele you’re attracting, not to mention they can help you identify weaknesses in your current strategy and help you strengthen these areas for long-term goal achievement.

3. Don’t forget the importance of organization

Running — and maintaining — a successful business is all about keeping a tight ship. Part of that is making sure your organization is on point. Being able to deliver statistics on your customer lifecycle, developing a marketing persona, and paying your people on time are all artifacts of an effective organization system.

For instance, you may find yourself having trouble maintaining accurate and effective payroll records. Investing in a system that can help you keep things straight and that offers direct depositing payroll for employees can improve your ability to pay them on time and accurately. The right payroll platform allows employers to enter hours and send timely payments directly to employees’ bank accounts without worrying about paper checks.

Take the leap

Is it time for you to finally realize your dreams and start your business? As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and move toward the “new normal” in terms of the impact the pandemic has left, we can safely say that the new-business boom is here to stay, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. Now’s the time!

For more information about consulting services offered by business coach Zinga Hart, contact her today!

— Thanks for the tips Chelsea!

One More Move: Carry Over the Good

2020 has come to a close.

Did anyone else find themselves on what seemed like a journey that equates to one of the great Epic novels? At times, my energy was completely focused on just making it through the day.

I am sure our shared experience will be one for the history books.

Now as 2021 approaches, we’ve settled into the chaos. This is one of our most precious abilities as humans, our capability to adapt. With this re-alignment, one key value and attitude that will carry over into the new year will be: Gratitude.

This year felt filled with unmet desires. Yet, gratitude is the gift that allows us to have absolutely enough in our lives. When we focus on understanding how we are being fulfilled anything else becomes decorative and not essential. The abundant substance of life, is here all around us, and much of it is fulfilled, for free, in the nakedness of the present time.

So with this, I share my gratitude with and for you.

What good will you carry over into the next year?

See you in 2021 🙂

Fueling Success Over the Long Haul

man sitting facing fire in pot during night

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Pexels.com

January was a longggg month wasn’t it? 
At the end of it, how did you feel? Accomplished? Like every goal will be attained in 2020?
Or, did you feel drained? Lost and stuck in a swirl of wanting to achieve something and perfectly productive-less procrastination
Many of us have experienced both sides of this coin. Yet, the more experienced of us know that we can choose to strive for either accomplishment or ignore it. If you want success over the long term, you should definitely aim to choose the former over the latter. 
But how?
How can you maintain the long journey to finally arrive at your place of success? 
Here are some simple, yet critical ways to to do this. 
Give yourself some grace 
The analogy of a baby learning to walk is a prime example of the success journey. Babies start out with no concept, desire, and acknowledgement of their power to walk. Yet, overtime they begin to realize the power within them to achieve the thing their parents do with ease. There is a natural unfolding of their journey of discovery that they can and should try to walk, and then that they should master it. From there, they allow the process of trying, testing, failing, and trying again to take place. There is not fail once and give up until the next year. It is a natural part of doing something you had no idea how to do before. Ever fail, comes with knowledge of what to do or not do next.
Like a baby learning to walk, your big goals for your self must unfold. You will try, test, fail, and try again, but each time you take action toward your goal you will be one step closet to mastery. For this tip, hold the mantra “Failure is but a step on my journey to success.” If you are failing more often, it means you are taking more actions to reach the pinnacle point that is on your path. 
Have a “Trigger”
Ever have a goal that you’re consistent with and then BAM! Something happens and you completely fall into the cycle of procrastination again? A possible solution for this is to have a trigger. Pre-plan an action, a date, and word that gets you back on track with your main goal. Example, your goal is to write more for your blog (writing to myself lol), then craft a trigger that gets you to focus on it. Like on the first Monday of the month, I will write a draft no matter what! Or on pay day, I will check my next blog idea for writing, or before I enter the gym I will write a blog draft in the car. Diving into specific triggers that work for you will require deep thought and authenticity about your time, schedule, needs, and motivators. With time you will know exactly what to do/say/feel to get yourself back on track. 
Take 15!
If you’ve read this blog. You know I am a fan of the 15-minute timer. If it is all you have to do is overwhelming to the point of procrastination paralysis. Set a time for 15 minutes and do what you can within that time frame. Then STOP and reward yourself for getting things done. 

Challenge Your Habits 


Happy 2019 y’all!

This year is almost over and all I feel is in awe. Awe for humanity, the amazing friendships and experiences I’ve built, and all the possibilities that lie ahead. 

How would you summarize your 2019? 

I am switching on my once monthly blog again!

2020’s theme word is: Challenge.

We’ll be sharing challenges all year to push ourselves, but first, December.

December ZInga Hart (1)

I’ve always had an interesting relationship with December. It’s either the last month to get it all in or get it all out. Over the past few years, my perspective has changed. Years no longer start and stop, like a circle is all a continuance. This shift has allowed for me to not treat December like an all-or-nothing month, but as away to sharpen my skills a little bit more. That said, it is still a great month for building on something you always wanted to work on. 

Get this, a lot of people wait until January to make the next big change! I’m proposing you use December to ease into change. What is it you want to change by next December? Build a business, write a book, invent something, get fit? Whatever it is, don’t wait until January 1, because that’s when resolutions start. Start today. Start slowly and build up to full speed ahead in January. 

How would you baby step into your big 2020 goal?

December ZInga Hart

If you’re unsure, one practice is to build or break any habit at all. So the one more move December is to: Build or Break a Habit that supports your 2020 goals

How to Build or Break a Habit:

  1. Decide exactly what you want to tackle. If you have an overwhelming habit, break it off into a digestible actions. For instance, one day I hope to give up dairy completely. Instead of going all out, I start with giving up milkshakes and pure milk products for the next 30 days. Instead of eliminating ALL dairy ingredients, we ease into the biggest culprits. If you are trying to break a habit, work to replace it with a healthier habit. Following the example above, one might go: instead of choosing milkshakes, I’ll make smoothies.
  2. Commit. A habit for one day, is hardly a habit at all. To really incorporate the habit change into you life you must commit for at least 22 days, preferably 30. You could do more than 100 days or anywhere in between. The goal is to give yourself some length of time for the change to take hold.

  3. Attach your habit to current habits. Find cues or triggers that you can use to remind you of your habit change. For instance, someone who wants to work out more, might find workouts that fit in between their favorite TV show break or during their lunch break.

  4. Plan for setbacks. Building a new habit may result in going back to the old one. We are what we repeatedly do, so forgive yourself if your path to change leads you back to familiar behavior. Find ways to acknowledge and accept your behavior, while nicely reminding yourself of your commitment. If you’re doing this in December, you could say, “This is a practice run for January” and get right back on track.

  5. Reset everyday and reward yourself for achievement. Whether you make a mistake or not, consider every day in your time period a fresh start. If you make it through the day and achieve the habit you are building, find little ways to celebrate it.

My sister and I will be going over our habits for December on CultivatedSisters. If you’re interested in the challenge calendar join our group to download the tool.

Draw Out The Details

I recently revamped my monthly meetups with Cultivated Sisters. We switched from lesson-based format to more of mastermind format. This guaranteed we delved into everyone’s strategies towards success.

One shared theme was keeping consistent when the task list doesn’t create itself. This is a skill entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders must master to make progress in their goals. When no one but you is running the show, you must be able to give yourself action items, otherwise you might be stuck swirling in a sea of hopes and dreams, instead of swimming to success’ shore.

When we explored this idea forward I realized my knee jerk reaction to create a to-do list, but this  wasn’t actually getting at the source of the problem. What we needed was the Source of the to do list. The foundation from where all those tasks blossom while you’re pursuing your own goals and dreams.

Here’s one  more move  to help you get closer to that list you are looking for:

Drag out the details.

A lot of my people in my circle definitely want to put projects into play and if getting it done seems like a barrier sometimes it may be due to a lack of clarity and one exercise that helps bring about clarity is being verify specific about the outcomes you hope to achieve.

Here are three exercises that can help bring about clarity.

First, figure out what’s in it for you.

Knowing what motivates you and drives you to put this project into play for no reason other than because you want to spend time on it gives you a source and a reason as reward for whatever task you’re about to take on. Sit down and truthfully drag out your personal vision of what the best day would look like for you if this project was fully in bloom.

What would your role be? 
What would you be doing?
Who would be on your team?
Where would you be located? 

These details matter and  will be the fuel for your motivation.
Next would be to figure out who you serve.

If you are in the passion project area of starting a business or non-profit no matter what you must have a customer on the other end.  Someone you serve someone has to buy or use your services in a sustainable way.

Drag out the details of the person you serve.

Why are they coming to you?
What is the problem you’re solving for them?
How did this problem come to be?
How do you solve this problem?
What is their hobbies, likes, and dislikes?
What do they think about in their free time?
Where do they go to find out new information?
How did they find you?
How did they connect with you?

Building all the ways you connect, know, and serve your ideal client or customer is a key  tool for your nonprofit or business organization. It allows you to craft  not only your mission, but also your message to the world and those that would want your help, product, or solution.
Finally leverage your time by dragging out the details of your project. Think about the next big move that is it going to move your project forward from where it is now to where you want it to be. What is the barrier you need to overcome today to take a step forward on whatever you’re working on?  Write that down using whatever tools you can and then look at that project and list all the steps it takes to make this project outcome happen.
Dragging out the details of the project can give  you a tangible view of progress. As a bonus set the smallest amount of time that you think you could truly work on your business or project and I mean be generous! For instance my least amount of time to work on a goal is 15 minutes, but you should choose what ever amount works for you. Then find the optimal space where  you could squeeze that time in into your calendar. If you’re the type of person who wakes up early can you squeeze it in in the early hours. If you’re the type of person that has a lot of free time after work where could you squeeze it in there. How does this project fit into your schedule on a daily basis or weekly basis?Choose whatever counts as consistent to you. Find those little in-between spaces  in your day where you can work on your business.

So that’s our One More Move for this month- Drag Out Those Details.

Stay tuned for our next meetup in Akron, OH last Monday’s of the month!

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